Daphne and Her Dad Ride Together While Miles Apart

Distance can't dim the bond between Daphne and Emanuel, a father-daughter duo separated by a whopping 1,131 miles – New York to Florida. But for them, Echelon isn't just about individual well-being through at-home fitness. It's a powerful platform and community that bridges the gap, fostering connection, friendly competition, and a shared journey towards fitness goals. Echelon's leaderboard becomes their virtual cheering section, where they push each other to new elevations. Every workout becomes an opportunity to connect, celebrate milestones achieved together, and motivate each other to stay on track. Their story exemplifies how Echelon goes beyond physical fitness, strengthening relationships and building a supportive community, even across vast distances.

Daphne and Her Dad Ride Together While Miles Apart on Echelon Connected Bikes


Here is Daphne and Emanuel’s story in their own words.

The “Why” Behind Our Decision to Ride


My weight-loss journey began when I realized I wanted to have kids. I knew I was going to have difficulty getting pregnant. When I went to the doctor I was told I needed to lose weight. I was 250 pounds. 

It wasn’t until I was very serious about trying to have kids and losing the weight that my passion for fitness started to really kick in. I became obsessed with exercise and even got my dad to ride with Echelon. Now that I’ve got my dad on board, we're doing this together.

Daphne FaceTimes Emanuel after a ride on the Echelon Connect EX-5s Bike



I always loved [being involved] in sports. I would try to get Daphne involved [as a kid], but she was on the lazier side. Now, that has reversed! She’s the one giving me the “oomph” to go after my fitness goals. 

As you get older, you start packing weight in places that you don't want to, and then you have health issues come up — high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was always looking for something to do that would help me out. 

The Impact of Riding Together


My dad will call me before a live workout, and then he'll call me after. The first thing I see as soon as I answer FaceTime are his numbers and his stats. Then we start talking about how he beat his personal best. I like that Dad is more consistent with exercise now. I’m seeing him grow, and fall more and more in love with home fitness, which is great.

Daphne and Emanuel FaceTime during a ride on Echelon Connect bikes


When I first got involved with Echelon, the instructors and Leaderboard became the challenge I needed. I'm looking at my numbers and how many rides I’ve completed, and then I see other members have twice as many rides than I do. I'm right next to them on the Leaderboard thinking, “It’s on!” 

Why We Love Echelon


When I first got the EX-3 Connect Bike I loved the community aspect of the Leaderboard. I have met so many people from so many different walks of life — incredible people. It's amazing! 

I also love that it has brought my dad and me so much closer. Physically we are in different places, but Echelon has really made us come together and feel like we are riding together.

Daphne and Emanuel relaxing after a live Echelon class


I'm having fun, taking care of my health, and spending a lot of time with my daughter. We're having fun together and doing something we both like to do. Giving Daphne thanks is just not enough. She's the reason why we are here. She’s the reason why I'm doing so great. I feel really good, and I thank her for that. 

Daphne and Emanuel embody the spirit of Echelon. We strive to bring family and friends closer together in a unique way, no matter how far apart. During your next live workout look for Daphne and Emanuel on the Echelon Leaderboard, and embrace the beauty of connected fitness. 

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