Echelon - Advanced Heart Monitor

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Echelon all new heart rate monitor connects to our advanced Echelon Fit app and displays your heart rate on the screen, plus captures data in your history for workouts.
  • TRAIN SMARTER: Push yourself further to acheive your fitness goals.  Train harder and smarter with Echelon.
  • COMFORTABLE: The sensor snaps onto a comfortable fabric strap that lets you ride without distraction.
  • COMPATIBLE: This kit is compatible with Echelon and all Bluetooth Smart cycling computers, watches, and smart phones that record heart rate.
  • STAY IN THE ZONE: Don’t sweat it! The chest strap is water and sweat-resistant, but we recommend hand washing it regularly. It fits chest sizes 25-55 inches.
  • GO THE DISTANCE: With a battery life up to 4 months (1 hour of use per day), you can install it and forget about it.